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Over 19 years of experience training dogs in the art of obedience

Our Approach

At Peak 9 Obedience we specialize in the most current trends in advanced dog training. Through years of research and hands-on experience we have mastered the art of leading canines and their owners in the art of dog training. Obedience and proper training is the language between you and your dog. We speak English and our dogs speak obedience! In our program you will learn how to communicate through your dog's four senses combined with three special components, classical conditioning, and positive reinforcement. This formula effectively creates good manners and desired behaviors quickly!! You will also learn about how your body language and timing in relation to praise, rewards, and effective handling makes your dog the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.  At Peak 9 you can consider us the most important part of the equation in making your beloved family member a perfectly behaved dog. We will make you part of this equation because a well trained dog is only as good as his owner. To make this possible your lessons are in your home and in the distracting environments around your community. We come to you! Choose us to teach you about timing, commanding, leash handling, use of energy, and the individual personality of your dog. When we train we work within your dog's ability level so that he or she is succeeding most of the time. We tap into your dog's motivational drives that result in more mental and physical stamina, repetitions, and faster learning. Our exercises provide a structure that dogs love and crave, steering the canine mind  away from boredom, anxiety and behavioral problems. Your dog will learn how to fit perfectly into your human pack. Have us teach you and your best friend the art of obedience and the beautiful language between humans and canines. Our programs are fun, affordable, occur at your home, and are tailored to your dog's needs.

Meet The Founder

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Peter Lenahan is from Stamford, Connecticut. From a young age he had an affinity for all animals and especially dogs. Before he became a dog trainer he was employed at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center and served as a farm curator for oxen, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and otters.


After his position at SMNC he attended the University of Connecticut where he earned his B.A. in Sociology. While attending he was a crew member for the sailing club and he also raced in slalom for the UConn ski team. During his college years he was also an intern for the Public Interest Research Group and WABC radio of New York City.


After graduating from The University of Connecticut, he discovered that canines were his calling and went on to study canine behavior for the largest Invisible Fence provider in the world to help launch the Good Manners Obedience program. Under the program, Peter trained approximately thirty dogs per week from 2004-2019 before moving to Sandy, Utah to start Peak 9 Obedience.


Always studying and staying on top of the newest trends in dog training, Peter likes to combine some traditional and modern methods in a balanced approach that fosters learning and confidence building. Peter is the owner of Peak 9 Obedience and is also a former installer, trainer, and field manager for Invisible Fence of the Wasatch Front. He currently resides in Sandy, Utah and also enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and playing the guitar.

Peter Lenahan | Founder

"Peter is absolutely the best. He comes out and immediately starts training. My puppy loves him. What a change in her behavior. I want a well trained dog that walks correctly and follows commands. Peter is doing that for us. I will continue working with Peter until my pups behavior is where I want it to be. We've had 4 lessons and will continue for as long as it takes. I might add that Peter comes out to the house, which is great if you have a puppy that gets car sick, like I do. Thank you Peter." - Wendy R
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